About Us

In the realm of digital journalism, Hindi News 19 emerges as a creation fueled by the passion of its founders, Tingirikar Teja and G Laxmikanth. Crafted by diligent writers and bloggers, Hindi News 19 is dedicated to swiftly delivering the latest information to its readers.

The Essence of Hindi News 19

At its core, Hindi News 19 seeks to be the quickest conduit of fresh information to readers. The relentless efforts of expert authors, toiling day and night, underscore the commitment to providing a loyal readership base with online news on both web and mobile platforms.

Diverse Coverage, Swift and Accurate News

Hindi News 19 is devoted to offering fast and accurate news, covering a spectrum of topics including national and international news, user-interest information, quirky updates, astrology, business news, sports updates, lifestyle news, and more.

The Genesis and Vision

During the planning phase of this website, founders Tingirikar Teja and G Laxmikanth were resolute in determining the purpose behind Hindi News 19. With a primary focus on social media news and technology, prioritizing user satisfaction was the driving force. The cerebral journey to give shape to this visionary endeavor took nearly a year.

Hindi News 19’s Mission

Hindi News 19 aims to provide users with information that not only aids in their daily lives but also offers content for entertainment and satiates the desire to read. The website encompasses a diverse range of news and information, ensuring that every reader finds something of interest.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Hindi News 19

Tingirikar Teja – Founder and CEO

Tingirikar Teja, the Founder and CEO of Hindi News 19, is not only a dynamic leader but also a proficient writer and accomplished author. His vision has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of Hindi News 19.

G LaxmikanthWriter and Author

G Laxmikanth, a prolific writer and esteemed author, contributes significantly to the wealth of content on Hindi News 19. His expertise and creativity add a distinctive flavor to the platform.

In the world of Hindi News 19, where innovation meets information, Tingirikar Teja and G Laxmikanth lead the charge, promising readers an immersive and enlightening experience.